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Are you advanced vaper who wants to find a favorite RDA ?
Are you able to cut the coil and make it suitable for your RDA ?
Are you tired of twisting too many screws when you build dual coils in your RDA deck ?
Are you tired of adjusting coils to balance the heating after you already fixed them ?
You just need one piece of VALR RDA.

VALR RDA is designed for advanced vapers only.

It’s mainly made of 316 Stainless Steel. Black and SS color are available for first batch. Its diameter is 24mm while the height is 35mm including drip tip. It has 810 PEI drip tip (for black color) and PC drip tip (for SS color). It has only 1 logo on the dome style cap which comes from the North Mythology and related to Odin. It has only 2 posts which contain 2 allen screws, 2 coil clamps and 4 separate coil holes. It has bottom airflow system, consisting of 6 slant airflow holes that towards the coils. It has brand logo, product name and serial number on the bottom of the base. It has copper material BF pin and brass material general pin, both were plated with gold. It has kinds of accessories, like allen screw driver, coil trimming tool, spare o-rings, spare allen screws and BF pin.

So, what is the distinct point of this RDA ?
1. Dedicated and innovative coil trimming tool is equipped as RDA accessory for the first time in vape industry.
Even if you’re not good at coils building for a RDA, with the help of this coil trimming tool, you can cut the coils to same length and suitable length to this RDA in only 1 time. The coils after cut will be not too long nor too short, they can not touch the RDA cap while heating evenly.

2. 2 pieces of posts with 2 screws, 2 cubic clamps and 4 unconnected capsular holes for coils building
This post design can make sure the dual coils can’t get crossed. After you get 2 coils with correct length, you just need to put the coils in right place and tighten the 2 screws, stuff the cotton wicks into the coils and cut the spare part, then building is completed. This design saved the step that adjusting the coils to heat evenly after fixed them. It saved the coil building time.

3. Adjustable bottom airflow system with 6 slant holes.
Differ to the level airflow system, this adjustable airflow system has 6 slant holes which can towards the coils with inclination. At the top side of the holes, there are 2 concave surface. This design let the airflows surround the coils, helps to form good flavor.

Metal screw driver fits all the screws of this RDA, big utility iron box as package
The metal allen screw driver can twist all the screws of this RDA, you don’t need to catch another screw driver from other place. You don’t need to throw away the black iron box after you take out the RDA. You can remove the EVA stuffing and use the iron box to contain your mech mod, box mod or something else as you like. The box is big enough and solid enough.

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